Shalalm Baskur
The Words of the Disciple Delerat - Chapter 2

I had a one two beer so I’m not very drunk,mbut I had chocolate too so I’m totally crunk(that’s chocolate drunk).

Also I’m a light weight and maybe didnt eat enough to counter beer. It’s hard to tell when I’m drunk or buzzed cause my soelling is hardlzy okay well this ipad isnt easy to type on, but you can tell I’m buzzed when I miss some apostrophes which I toally did and almot OCD went back and fixed it,. I just moved and am having trouble working places I’ve worked before ao now I have to try to work places I haven’t and it irks me. I should be excited to learn new thingsmthugh, but smetimes I jut want to be cmplacent at my job so I dont have to unwind at home and can do creative things, cause oddly the creative things dont unwind me ad much s strapping into Mount & Blademfor the 757 hour and stab dudes from my cool horse… I miss that game. I went on probation from it when they announced M&B 2 Bannerlord cause I know I“‘ll lose more triple digit hours to it. Like an M,O but more fun and more of a game and less social. The only similarity is playing it in your underwear.

Anyways, I should go to bed, or play more PvZ. Did anyone else go back to it after they updated? Achevements, all thse minigames, a garden to take care of, microtransactions with coins, a crazy snail you can feed chcocolate to, and omg the endless modes. That’s where the game really shines. Playing the mana endless modes and trying to go forever is so fun and hard. It’s the fist game I’ve thought “Dude, you should write a guide for this with number crunching spreadsheet” Thats me addreess ing my self bytw. Visiting family is fun, but it’s PvZ / bed time now. Have a good night dudes. I hope you have a good one or two.

Shalalm Baskur
(Please people, the proper response is Baskur al Shalalm. I’ve watched so many disgrace this. I will go nerd lore nerd on our own canon if I have to.)

The Words of the Disciple Strangeblades - Chapter 10

KExx. You f((k that mother-eventual-f(((er yup ! To the moon ! Make him regret being a stable collectiohn of atoms and sh(t! Kexx!!!!

BEER Ans Shoot Many Robots ease the apin aof abeing alive . NO waoit. I love being alive and shtuff. It eases the pain of a busy work worrk week in a job ai LI veo in a job I love. I wrote about a motorcylce cerash with a semi! I saw chunks of human fat on the boikke bike as it gouged a leg. That sas something. I did a story on a coroner’s report. DAVINCI! Oh yeah. I ovecered an I co vered a provincial election. Wow. I can spell and shtuuf. A+DID any see that Steam game Reus? WHere you play a giant helping people. That’s cool. It’ls like the green giant but not as scary as my wife thinks the green gaint is. She’s weird.

Oh snap. I played a boardgame! Another one! It’s getting to be a bhait. I went to kelowna and dropped in and played ZOMBIECIDE! It was fun and all. Two players were thinking about what to do. My wife went along with it. The guy teaching us went along with it. I decided to f((k sh(t up! Is that a zombie in the opposite dierction of where we’re going?! Yup. Tghat’s thge direction for me then. ! Whee! I was such a badass! PIMP MOBIEL CMAE OUT AN D STUFF!

The Words of the Disciple Strangeblades - Chapter 9

Man, My bro is asognina gonna hioook me uip wsoo sowo sweet tiwht with bc’s b est weeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. Can’t wait. ASctually, ican’t wait so I gonna hit that guy up I met for a story this week for some sweet plant-product. Sorry seans - dpmn’t mean to bring some lillegeal activitaaaay to GWJaaaaaaay. Wohol.. OMY act is cerazy. Gonna bp[lay me some far cry 3 !!! Blood DARGON!

My wife and I waxed poetic and sh*t on our balcony. Living poor in penticton is sawsome. because it’s penticton. BC peeps - get5 your ass to mars and then Penticton. Exterminator. Wow, now that ‘s a poster with flame and sh*t slhooting out the barrel. dBAM!

The Pronouncement of Kexx

I love Strangeblades. He gets it. He f*cking gets it. End all, be all.

The Words of the Disciple Strangeblades - Chapter 9

Hol;y sh*t. Far cry # ids f**king awesome. Main dude is b**ching about having to do tutorial missioni. I f((king love. it. I’m not goana post pictures as tiw will wspoil what’s going on. ANd sh*t. Did you know I did a story abtodyay about four dogs being fed rapt posion. Rat posion. Poison. Two died. Very sad. I hated that. Two lived - very hapy. I petted one. Nice doggie Anyhoo, guy who owned dogs seiad he can hook me with what’s legal in Colorado and Washington (state). Cool. I’m a total virigin with that stuff. Anyhoo. Talk to ou later. M uch drink.s Love. Feeeeeeeeeeel.

Canadian Club GINGERA ALE POP Sucks.

Now Kahlua and chocolate almond milk - rules..

The Words of Kexx - Chapter 9


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tdoay i went out with my holdexchollege buddiesndn realized that for ome sreasons, i h ve th mojho with the fat, nope, chubberyny ladíé’s’s, nd thts not coooloolf….i men, no disresfect to chubberty womenss, but f*ck me man, myexgiurlfgrinedhis has suhch hot bdoy. i want to bragg biut thesres no way its hppening becuase she’s one few of polepopleoeple that i resfecfct stillll so u uwwill nebever se e her, buttt h take þ€myyfworkdGor it…she’s’m the solcreaton of f

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idont w ant cvhubry chick’sssl, i wan’t’ ^6@i don’m nknoyw„,


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The Words of the Disciple avggeek

Many doublr shots of chivas alter,it hink I should have kept my mouth shut when talking to people I had just met :/

The Words of the Disciple ccesarano - Chapter 10

I can’t think of anyting to say other than how awesome metal is. Sadly I’ve been preoccupied.

Which reminds me don’t read the Boogle dating thread. It is iflled with my stupidieiteisd. I’m awesome I swar.

So aweome I almost have a Pulasdfasdflasf Peasant Night as my best melee combat warrior for Caslte Crasher.s Becuase it’s still a ood game.

Also, Worsdsmythe, I’m sorry I haven’t gotten that article rewritten or you. I’ll get it to you as soon as I can.

Shalalm Baskur.

The Words of Kexx - Chapter 8

Unleeeeeeeeeeeeeash the beassssssssssttttttttt!!!!

I fkucing wnt drinking fonight!!!!!!!!!! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! it’s beenn monts since ilast wentdrinkingg!!!!!!!!!!woooooooo o!!

okokokokokok, so here’s whatbeens hppening:<”

thersthis chickpwhos freknig20yrs odl, so yeah, verything werhes it sup9osed bto be,which is ool. tis was2yras ago, so shem ightbe not 20yrrold now… but! ok, ewe havnarra ngement thatwe basicly re fukbodies, thinfis, shemovedd awy n hnow wer ocsionly seeach otterr whenvershi coms to mu homtonw,

so butthis is not ocmn, selifs far way so we webcm tlak and fcbookk talk nd whtspupp tlk so thats whow we styin toucgh..pointis

we made bet durinf soscars, nd i won, and wht we hbt was she whad to sendiry dirty nked picuturs and seh hasn sendt thm yet so she will comdonw next weeknds# nd a;wi’ll dnthen to the picstures livee whici sis awomse


aslo, nofinsb eter thn johnuywlkaer